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A phrase uttered when a person believed that they have said a particularly funny phrase.
Aztaroth said, "I'm thinking of something small and hard." Krytos replied, "Your penis. LO!L SNAP OWNED!"
by ~ May 28, 2003
"Elbo computing" run by Marshall and Ray. Need your computer fixed? ask these guys
Man my friggen computer is all broken and stuff, Id better call Elbo.
by ~ August 23, 2003
"Hand that boong terrance I want to take a big boong hit"
by ~ August 24, 2004
The crappy new name of RSC king/queen Mystress.
"Mystress' new name sucks...who would want the name Zyst?"
by ~ December 17, 2004
someone who thinks their gangsta, usually white, n thinks their hot cuz they can ride by in an old car playin ja rules CD
Ja Rule or ridin down a black street in a white car
by ~ April 10, 2003
Where I live!! its really different from the rest of Virginia, not better or worse just different. nobody really considers it southern, either, but a lotta people move here from the south. sum people think n.Virginia should be its own state but i think thats stupid... a lotta people from southern (and middle maybe?) Virginia think that northern Virginia is snobby and a disgrace to their southern state of Virginia. a lotta people from northern Virginia think southern Virginia is hick and northern Virginia is better. but umm, i dont.. some people say northern Virginia is wealthy and i used to think that i guess kinda but now i go to a different school and there are sum really, really ghetto people so i dont anymore.
i love Virginia!!!...all of it!!
by ~ March 11, 2005