Similar to 'Fry'

To completely and utterly humiliate someone by insulting them.
Guy 1- (insert insult here about Guy 2 and his mom)

Guy 2- *shakes his head* Whatever dude

Guy 3- Ooo boy,.. BASTE! Fo real doe, he just basted the mess outta ya!
by mhm-ya September 29, 2011
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A big man/woman that is capable of crushing and/or eating you.
Andy Carroll is some Baste
by The personwhomakestuff January 22, 2012
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an opptional forth person in a spit roast :see spit roast
i basted the spit roast last night with my fresh dairy produce
by dr p diddy October 18, 2003
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Pronounced BAYste. To behave in a bastardly fashion; also an exclamation to react to such behavior
"Hey man, did you pick up that quad?"
"Yeah, but I think he shorted me, this shit is like five grams!"
by NorthsideKid August 12, 2016
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I let rip a good fart and basted and old lady hunched over a walker, who was right behind me and eye-level with my butt.
by Captain Sex Offendor October 27, 2007
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word meaning basist rhyming with rasist and rapist

see Rastes
Div/Dave of the band www.divandthedivs.co.uk
by sophie December 19, 2004
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