Something done quietly behind friends backs as to not be embarassed later
by Triggs August 7, 2003
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Your 'boo' on the side, your 'behind the scenes' kinda fuck buddy.
I pulled me a couple sneaky's last night.
by SNEAKY206 April 28, 2008
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The act of moving your legs forward and backwards in a spaggeti-like motion, causing temporal levitation and the ability to avoid omo's and yum yums.
Unicorns:We gotta be sneaky, we gotta be sneaky charlie, sneeaakkyy!
Charlie: Yeah, theres no way I can do that with my legs.
by Aiex40 April 28, 2009
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when you do something without some one knowing
1) slapping a latina booty and pretending it was Akon
2) licking someone's face and then denying you did it
3) sneaky pete
4) saying your name is jay sean
5) drinking blackcurrant juice when sick in order to try and make the rest of your family sick
by deesexee May 16, 2010
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250ml (approx 8.5 US fl. oz.) bottle of beer, also known as a stubby. Named for the ease with which one can sneak it into any establishment where it is prohibited (on account of its small size). Usually cheap and low quality. Available in crates of 20 bottles from shops such as Tesco and Lidl.
"Shit, I can't afford to be buying pints all night. Maybe I'll just smuggle in a sneaky or ten."
by Diarmaid June 30, 2006
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when someone in march madness is counted out & other people are calling your bracket stupid but you are the only one that has that team & are pretty sure they will win
Friend: Bro, why you got Gonzaga & Michigan St. in your final four?! And Wisconsin winning?! WTF?!
You: Bruh, they be sneaky!
by Whiteumus8383 March 20, 2015
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smoking of drugs behind the back of one of the cheeky bra's members. can also be "cheeky"
"hey Ryman i think petes having a sneaky in his room!!"
"the sneaky cheeky bastard"
by hurridcaner February 21, 2004
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