to hang out the window of a moving car and swear at pedestrians on the street
hey man roll down the window im about to go basting (hangs head out the window) HEY FUCK YOU
by shants November 24, 2006
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When a girl is being double penetrated in the spit roasting position.(one guy in her mouth the other in the back as if she was a suckling pig) The third guy is "basting" her which consists of ejaculating over the girl being spit roasted.
Yo, me and mike are spit roasting this chick, Chris u wanna do the basting?
by JCM Crew May 28, 2006
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To sit around stewing in one's sweat and body odor after a workout.

This stewing around is very similar to the basting of a turkey during its preperation.

Basting is usually done with the the shirt off to accentuate my man stink. Basting can be a very satisfying feeling.

Lisa: Dude, you fuckin reak man, go take a shower!

John: Fuck off, I just had a great workout. I'm basting right now, so leave me alone!

by Limit28 December 1, 2007
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in the Mormon practice when a male inserts his genitalia into a female with out the in and out motion of normal intercourse which Mormons believe not to be loosing their virginity.
Hey sally my parents are at the temple come over so we can baste... I sure do love Basting you.
by Ryan Girard June 18, 2011
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To penetrate the ass of a butchered turkey. Make sure you unload your semen multiple times for flavor. When your family is eating it you pull your dick out and surprise them with whom the chef is.
My wife was turned on by my basting.
by righteousconsumption October 17, 2014
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the act of shooting heroin up the rectum with a turkey baster
"hey, i caught franz basting last night"
by matt December 24, 2003
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The act of covering your hand in human sweat and rubing it over someone
by lee & Marc May 18, 2003
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