That one girl that fulfills all your needs in life. She is usually a party animal, but can also be serious when the time comes. She loves the company of her friends and they enjoy her presence.
Dude1: "WHOAH check her out"

Dude2: "DAYUUUUUM, i see her. She must be one of those

by Schubi March 2, 2010
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Nanna is the type of girl who will do anything to make you happy, she'll give up her life for you if she truly loves you, and if she tells you that she loves you, believe her. Love is the only thing in life she needs, though she tends to be very ambitious about school, and of course her friends. If you have ever met a girl named Nanna; you can count yourself lucky, and even more if she has befriended you. She always stands up for herself and others, and if she doesn't like you, she will still treat you fairly, and stand up for you if someone else treats you unfairly. Nanna is also the definition of drop-dead gorgeous, she tends to have dark hair and eyes, and everyone who has looked into her eyes knows her true beauty. She knows that she looks good, but won't ever tell you that she thinks so, and she is the most selfless person you will ever meet.
So if you have a Nanna in your life, hold onto her; you will never meet someone like her again.
Person 1: Look at that girl, she's gergous
Person 2: I know right, her name is Nanna
by theoneweirdkid December 1, 2021
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1. n. Grandmother.
2. adj. Anything that is appropriate for grandmothers, eg early sessions. Also, anything similarly suitable for old people rather than young people.
A: "Are you going to the midnight session of the fireworks this New Year's Eve?"
B: "Nah, I'm baby sitting so it's the nanna fireworks for me."
by Matti! Matti! Matti! November 30, 2010
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Grand Ma. Your Mother or father's mother. An old woman
"that nanna has floppy tits"
by Foyf January 22, 2003
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"what do you think of Nanna?"
"She's well sexy .... and such perky tits"
by see - mun July 28, 2003
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The nanna, is when a guy tries to do the rodeo(while getting a blowjob tells the girl that he has herpes and see how long he can hold her on the dick) on her she just gets up and say, thats okay i got herpes anyway.
"dude i totally tried to do the rodeo on a girl the other day, but then she turned over and did the nanna on me...
by vantheman24 January 25, 2012
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Another word for drunk or munted.
-when your so so drunk your walking around like a nanna.
fuckn hell look at that kid , hes nanna as. (walking like a nanna)
by jack snack December 2, 2010
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