bastard (n.); short for bastard (though with a long "a" vowel sound)
Bainz is a big baste.
Roof ain't nothin' but a baste.
by wount January 27, 2020
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To artificially inseminate (as with a turkey baster).
"Wow! Did you hear about that chick who got basted by Clay Aiken?"
by K. Gill June 10, 2008
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Any situation in which a person recieves an item that they didn't want, but are forced to deal with. There are several varieties.
It originated from members of SWBGS dropping expensive and/or unwanted items onto unsuspecting victims shopping at supermarket checkouts.
ATM basting: When someone is withdrawing cash from an ATM, pressing the £200 button.

Supermarket basting: When someone leaves an inappropriate item on someones shopping at a supermarket checkout.

Eg, "You wanna baste that guy with these scottish biscuits?"
by Brincy December 10, 2005
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A method of getting high by filling a turkey baster with methamphetamine and water. The solution is then injected into the user's anus. This works along the lines of how a suppository works, and most methamphetamine users will not recommend it.
Tony got basted and jumped out a window.
by Radix October 13, 2005
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an opptional forth person in a spit roast :see spit roast
i basted the spit roast last night with my fresh dairy produce
by dr p diddy October 19, 2003
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another word for cooler. A case to keep things cool.
a water cooler. (baste)
by johnypop June 13, 2009
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