39 definitions by Leon

- A farting game gone wrong.

- Description : the picture of a girl, now known as tubgirl, in which she's lying down and lifts her feet up to her shoulders, so that her anus faces upwards, then literally takes a liquid dump on her own face.

- Often mentioned alongside goatse.
"Tubgirl is a case of semi-inverse bulimia"
by Leon April 7, 2004
A Woman with breasts that are flat. Deflated Titties.
An old age home is a great place to find Flap Jacks.
by Leon June 21, 2004
ultimate past tense verb, add it or "ed" to the end of any word to change it into a past tense verb. also a very badly misspelled version of the word die
Look in the task bar menu till you find an icon labled IED, right click on it, a window will pop up called IED settngs. click the dropdown bar and change your settings from ied to die. that should fix your problem.
by Leon July 26, 2004
fat women who sit on men (fully clothed) ...or not
by Leon November 22, 2013
a small human like creature with tiny facial features. A nocturnal animal, the bast resembles the appearance of Guy Sebastion, and has been seen outside at night nibbling on wood, whilst planning the destruction of all the souls on earth.
I heard a noise outside, I thought it might have been the bast tunneling through the garden.

You go and spend some time with your Nanna or I'll leave you outside and the bast will get you!
by Leon January 6, 2005
A private AOL room
dedicated exclusively to
passing around macintosh software,
and passsing the time.
Yes, we spent time in zelficam, and Local was really really annoying.
by Leon December 9, 2003