Did you hear about that dude in Arkansas who ballgamed a live turkey for two tins of Skoal and a Matt Nokes rookie card while two of his co-workers pinned it down?
by SmarmyDres October 29, 2005
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a girl who everyone on the team gets a chance to hit
CJ :Hey Mike and Jose Call that ballgame over so she can give US some ass.
by Hollachagurl January 30, 2005
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The most flamboyant roomate ever in college. He loves the cock, especially double wide beer can fat black dildos.
(see Faggot Reindeer). Also used in common speech for when one needs to be noticed.
ballgame was such a fag today, he made out on my bed
by HOBARTROBART February 05, 2004
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noun - refers to what is known as an "eight-ball" of cocaine; which is 1/8 of an ounce or 3.5 grams (3½ grams)
Yo man, we gettin' a ball game tonight?

Person1: Those kids got bopped last night right after they copped a ball game off the block.
Person2: Aw, word??
Person1: werd.
by TwerPp June 24, 2009
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