a "double-wide" trailer is twice the size of a normal trailer. they are the castles of oklahoma. usually inhabited by high school graduates.
let's pork bitches in the double wide. hard...
by milfy June 11, 2006
A type of double penetration manuever, this can be both a act done with couples, or a threesome act. The receiving partner is penetrated by either two cocks simultaneously (in the case of a threesome) or by a single cock and a toy at the same time. This requires a hell of alot of petroleum based lube and and relaxation.
Wendy was gangbanged by Bobby and Frankdouble wide, turns out they didn't use enough lube and she was tight as a nun.

Looks like she won't be having sex again... A week later, she said was gonna join a monastery and pledge her life to god.

And that's how nuns are made.
by EclecticFoxx May 22, 2007
A type of white trash. Someone who lives in a double-wide trailer, and is therefore more committed to the trailer than a single wide is.
He'll be in that dirty old trailer park till the day he dies. He is so double wide.
by wordguy2 March 9, 2010
A 24-ounce container of beer. Contains double the amount of liquid gold as a normal container. Usually found in cans, though some good beers, such as Sierra Nevada, can be found in double-wide bottles. A close relative of the forty; consumed when you want to get just a little crunk, but not so much you'll have a hangover the next morning.
Bill: What'd you do last night, dude?
Ted: People came over with double wides and blunts, you know how it is.
by fnord716 May 17, 2010
An exceptionally large and visually appealing man ass that has somehow been concealed. Usually sought after by cross-dressing rabbits.
Look I ain't gay or anything, I just got caught off guard by Elmer's Double-wide surprise.
by Master chunks February 2, 2020
Official canon of Bugs bunny, from looney toons, when he was a struggling rapist. Meaning thick male butt concealed by heavy fabric.
James: "Derek, you probably have tight man pussy and be lookin like a Double-wide Surprise. Goddamn!"
Derek: "Let go, James!"
by murder3000 March 22, 2020
The style in which one decorates their double wide trailer/mobile home.
Come check out my re-purposed queen bed sheets. I modified them so they look like curtains now. It is soooo Double Wide Chic.
by mfranch January 17, 2017