To mischaracterize, confuse, alter, change, or give alternative definition to an existing word in the dictionary.
Wow; Kellyanne has conway'd so many words, that Merriam Webster had to tweet corrections.
by Nien098 February 24, 2017
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The best-looking cool guy in town. He seems quiet, but often makes the smartest remark of the evening - offering quality over quantity. Known for his subtle yet elegant attire and purest love for kitties.
That Conway, what a dapper young man!
by Lovely Librarian April 15, 2009
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A wonderful town in Arkansas, perhaps the best. The town in which Kris Allen is from. Has a population of about 50,000. A great vacation spot.
Did you hear about Conway? Kris Allen is from there, we should vacation in one of their many hotels!
by gigantasauras June 12, 2009
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A Conway is an object of great size (mainly width) that passes with considerable pain out the anal canal (Anus canalium).
A Conway gets its name from the literal parts;

1) Con - A negative aspect - As in the case of faeces, with it being extremely hard, wide, and maybe even nutty. Terrible hazardous to the rectum.
2) Way - The Passage - This refers to the rectum and the anal mouth.

Therefore, by conglomerizing these two definitions together, we get CONWAY, which is when a big ol' hard crusty shite is passed through the anal canal, where the turd rips the lining of the anus.

The International Anus Awareness Group (the IAAG) says that this happens to 1 in 13 Guadaluapians, and unfortunately it is increasing rapidly among 20 to 30 year olds.

Docters say that it is the third highest killer of people when on the toilet, after heart-attacks and premature ejaculation accidents, which claims 1 in 6.
Guy 1 - "Hey man, ..... (Sigh)....., can I talk to you?"Guy 2 - "Sure thing homes"Guy 1 - "Last night, I did a CONWAY, ......., and well, ......., i cant do anything, can't sit down, and give my mom my dirty clothes to wear......"
Guy 2 - "Conway? what the hells that? why cant you sit down? dirty clothes, whats this about, ......, your not gay are you homes?"
Guy 1 - "No, no man, I ate a lot of really nutty foods, i mean REAL nutty foods, and, well ..... last night I was on the can dreaming of being the next Kevin Costner, and when I shit, the pain was terrifying, and when I looked down, there was blood everywhere, on the bowl, on the door, on the ceiling, and down my legs! I was making the flag of japan all night with the tissue paper"
Guy 2 - "What the ....... bleghhhh (Vomiting up his TV dinner from last night), ...... (Gasp) ....... but how.......... Bllleeeggghhhhhh---- ah---- bleggh (continues to vomit).......... (gasp) ...... on the ceiling?...... *DUFGH* (collapses in his own vomit)"
by Caffo November 13, 2009
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The act of avoiding answering a question by deflecting said question using alternative facts.
I asked my husband of cheating on me and his response was, "Of course not, but remember that time you were flirting with that waiter? That was really hurtful." I think I got Conwayed.
by BioNazi July 11, 2017
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Term used to describe a peanut headed baffoon that wears flourescent jacets and makes love to his cousin. Can often be found spending his grans money in the casino. More oftenly labelled a 'bad man'.
He's a complete 'CONWAY', he'd shag his own gran.
by Norman Baconflap January 15, 2007
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