verb: to have sex with someone you were previously dating or hooking up with. Specifically after a falling out or bad breakup and tends to make things more complicated.
"I knew I was going to backslide with Ben last night as soon as he walked into the bar. My friends are going to kill me"
by citypretty21 February 14, 2011
verb: To revert to sin or wrongdoing, especially in religious practice.
Even after tasting true freedom in Christ, Alex found it easy to backslide into habitual ways of the flesh.
by Mads Entry July 14, 2006
When one goes back to their Exs.
'I can't believe you're with her again.. Man, you're such a backslider, you always backslide!'
by New Girl123 May 5, 2012
verb: to re-adopt sinful ways after having spent some time as a pious religious person.
For about a year, we thought we lost him, but then one day Skeevo backslides right back into our lives!
by F. Rodderick Hsu May 8, 2005
What the Moonwalk used to be called, the backslide has its' roots in mime.
Man, look at Cooley Jackson backslide! I hope Micheal Jackson don't steal his move.
by Levesque April 20, 2006
To spread crack for a tap from some johnson you've dumped, usually inducing a shame spiral. Note: only women and gay men can backslide, since straight men will screw anything, anytime, without remorse.
Johnny: You look like shit.
Eric: My ex came over last night.
Johnny: You backslide?
Eric: You know it.
Johnny: That must be some good rod.
Eric: Better than that take-out you scarf.
by JohnnyAZ May 3, 2006
To go back to talking to, dating, or having sex with a previous ex. The backslider tends to be the person who broke it off, but not always. Friends must watch out for their friends who may be backsliding especially with those who have had a recent break up and/or if they don't think the two people should be together.
Everyone worries Rhianna is backsliding into an abusive relationship with Chris Brown.
by Catfish24 June 13, 2012