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To hit a woman.
Baby, can you please be quiet before i Chris Brown you.
by BLZN.PJ February 11, 2009
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To beat a woman up. Using various methods is allowed. Slapping, Hitting, Biting, and Punching.
I'm about to go Chris Brown on her face if she doesn't start listening to me.
by Chris Browns Hand February 21, 2009
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To repeatedly deliver a pride-obliterating bitch slap. Preferably to a woman; Even if she has done nothing wrong.
Did you see the Mike Tyson fight a few years ago? He totally went Chris Brown on that guy's ass!

bitch slappride-obliteratingbitchslaprhiannapunishhurtteach a lessondominate
by xjack0lantrnx February 25, 2011
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