Proper Noun: A person who excels in doing nothing, thinking too deeply, and describing things in unnecessary depth. Also used to describe those who are lazy and have no ambition.
Noun: an act of supreme forgetfulness or illogical behaviour.
Verb: to hesitate for a prolonged amount of time, or to think or speak about subject far more deeply than is necessary.
Proper Noun: John is such a bood, he does nothing all day.

Noun: I forgot to call my friend for two days. It was such a bood.

Verb: John booded for several hours over whether or not he should cross the road.
by OriginASW August 01, 2008
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When your in a bad mood and don't feel like saying "I'm in a bad mood." This word is for the ultimate lazy person. However if used correctly you may lol from the stupidity of it's pronunciation.
-Creds to Snudge
by Mr. asshead207 May 11, 2011
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A variation of the pronounciation of "Bud" which refers to the bud of a cannabis plant (weed).
Nigga lets go 'nati bound and get some boods down on Vine.
by red popper February 17, 2004
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variation of "dude," not to be confused with surfer slang. Interchangeable with "buddy," "best friend," and with sexual benefits.
"Hey, bood, watch out for that killer cacti!"
by Squeezy Beans and Schmands April 09, 2007
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