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A situation where you are happy, but you shouldn't be (inappropriate happiness)

For example, when you are at your own birthday and 9/11 happens then its a 'bappy' birthday
Tim: How was your weekend?
Jim: its was alright I suppose, but a bit bappy. Whilst, I was in shagaluf with the lads having bants, beers and baps - Fiona called me to tell me that she had been sleeping with Bill. I was devestated, but had to get back on to the sesh, so I couldn't be a downer.
by Bappy hirthday 2U September 19, 2018
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When ur happy but not rly cuz ur faking it, its all an act to hide ur depression, anxiety, all that good shit :)))))
Wow I feel so bappy today imma cry myself to sleep!
by idkwhatimdoingwithmylifehaha August 31, 2018
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To fill the cheeks with air, so the participator resembles a bap, and then you bring the lips in to represent the slice/cleft in a bap.
"Luke, no. No bappy. Stop"
by yugiohfan9000 February 15, 2010
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'The anchor.' The person who drags down the whole team whilst thinking he carries like a boss.

Constantly thinks he's a DonGatto when really hes nothing more then a chocolate gatteau.

Someone who thinks 'its cricket', when its just not.
Haha its crrrricket.
That was Baptastic.
The Anchor strikes again.

Team mate: run your gonna get ganked...
Bappy: nah ive got this.

3 seconds later...

Bappy: ah im dead.
by mahogany. June 22, 2011
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