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The giving or receiving of a large hit of meth from a long "V" shaped tube. The "giver" starts by taking a big hit which he in turn blows through the tube all the while keeping the fire on the meth and blowing more meth into the "receivers" waiting mouth, until they can take no more. May cause you to drop to a knee. Keep in mind that should one fall after receiving a Blow Job, the five second rule does apply. After numerous hits from the Blow Job tube it then becomes a Jo Blob
I stopped by for a Blow Job before work and will have no problem working my double shift now.
by spagakked gal January 20, 2010
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When a mobster orders you to plant explosives to a gangsters property in an act of revenge.If the bastard is a traitor,thieve or rat then give him a blowjob. You can blowjob a car, a house or somebody's wife.
Big Vennie:" Hey Frankie, that bastard Luigi boy owes me $20,000 in cocaine. Go to his place at night when he is in bed and give his ferrari a blowjob!

Frankie: "Alright boss." (plants explosives, then bang!)

Luigi boy: " mamma mia!"
by topmountain August 18, 2010
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1. The act of forcing open a bank vault or safe with the use of explosives.
2. In a gang of criminals, the person who is in charge of explosives.
1. Dragon Lady said she wasn't looking for a wheel man right now, but maybe she might need a blowjob later this month.

2. "If you ever need a blowjob," said Lefty, "Dynamite Dinah's the girl to go to."
by Sklooby March 16, 2008
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When wearing something similar to a poncho, break wind and trap it inside, creating a dutch-oven. Then after every thing is up to par, open one sleeve and blow the noxious air into a bystandards sniffer and enjoy the reaction.

CAUTION: Be careful not to release ovens contents onto yourself!
Person 1: "Dude? What stinks?"
Person 2: "Man that guy wearing a poncho just gave you a BLOW JOB!"
by poncho bandit November 13, 2010
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Its when a boy is payed to do a job for his parentx or lovely neighbors. And he blows the leafs off of their drive way.
oh timmy ill pay you $5 so give our driveway a blowjob
by timmehG April 27, 2009
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Something stupid high and even middle school girls will do in an attempt to be popular or to get a boyfriend. Never works, all it ever accomplishes is to get the stupid girl labeled a ho or slut and possibly get her a case of herpes.
Dude, Hannah is so desperate to be popular and liked that she has absolutely no self respect and will give a blow job to anyone.
by hnoss March 26, 2017
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The act of a very horny male/female seeking out their partners work building, and in a sexual manner, blowing it up. ( usually using c4 explosives. ) when the building collapses the partner finds their sex buddy and performs a ludwig von striceand.
I am feeling SO horny, and i have some extra dynamite lying around... hey jill, wanna blow job?
by Bobbe October 20, 2007
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