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The colour of one's eyebrow is mirrored by the colour of the pubes. Nuff said.
Tom: "Bell, what colour are your pubes?"

Bell: "Fuck off you dirty bastard, i aint telling you that. You're gonna get a beating!!!"

Woody: "Same as his eyebrows. It's a proven philosophical concept."
by Woody February 25, 2004
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{see thugs} may sometimes be a thug on crack. Or, just may be a guy on da street askin 4 ya number and smokes crack at the same time
Pass that crack nigga.

Can i have yo numba?
by Woody May 13, 2004
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Partially solid matter that collects on either side of the yam bag, and/or on the gooch.
I had so much crotch gravy you'd think it was a holiday.

by Woody April 28, 2003
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Pseudo-Spanish for "deal", used to lend an air of urban-chic to an otherwise urbane sentence.
Ok folks, here's the deal...
- vs -
Alright peeps, here's the dealio...
by Woody January 24, 2005
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(can be used as noun,verb or adj. singular or plural)
no sense or value of time, wandering, lost, a waste,a way to start an arguement with the wife
1.) Man that dipshit isn't doing nothing but fiddley-farting around.
2.) Hey that ain't worth a shitload of fiddley-farts.
3.) Alrite bitch, quit fiddely-farting around and fix my dinner !!!!!
by Woody August 11, 2003
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