When you make an awkward turtle on somebody's shoulder and push back and forth in a humping motion.
Wtf, my mom tried to pull an awkward humping turtle on me during grandma's funeral
by currybomb July 29, 2010
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A turtle that you make with your hands by putting one on top of the other (palms down) and your thumbs are its arms. You use it when there is an awkward silence.
"You're a retard."
*awkward silence turtle*
by chocolategrape March 4, 2008
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the words and hand motion that replaces the moment of awkward silence between 2 or more people in a conversation.
Bob and I were talking about our shoe sizes...It was so awkward sea turtle!
by Berry Halls September 19, 2007
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sarahs english class was turtle awkward the day after she got drunk and madeout with a geek in her class. talking to your ex.
by christina_jessica August 2, 2008
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Much like it's counterpart "The Awkward Turtle", but you have your middle finger extended to make it look like a it has a penis.
Ivan: "Last night I walked in on my mom taking a shower and her tits were banging!"
Jace: *Does The Awkward Perverted Turtle*
by Painthetownfred February 2, 2010
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Eric Straka invented the hand movement for awkward turtle. Twiddle your thumbs with your palms face up
Look, it’s an awkward turtle *hand movement*
by The 20 year old November 29, 2019
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1.Hand sign for a turtle/a tortoise but with a thumb rotation in circle used in any "awkward" feeling.
2.Reddit's powermod Karen woman.
3.A micropenis exposed out of male's pants/underwear/shorts.
Awkward Turtle is so power hungry on Reddit, but she's lifeless in reality.
by Shiine-1 June 13, 2023
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