14 definitions by chocolategrape

a black or dark (not necesarily african-american) person who has a threesome with two other white people... the white people are the bread.
see wonder bread
C. made a nutella sandwich with S. and F. on Saturday night!
by chocolategrape March 03, 2008
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the most awesome stuff in the universe. kind of like clay but softer and tastes salty. we used to make it at the preschool we i went to, and its mostly salt. We would make yummy food out of it, and then our teacher would get mad.
She made a play-doh taco, and then ate it.
by chocolategrape February 10, 2008
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A turtle that you make with your hands by putting one on top of the other (palms down) and your thumbs are its arms. You use it when there is an awkward silence.
"You're a retard."
*awkward silence turtle*
by chocolategrape March 03, 2008
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an eleven year old adorable actress. most famous for her role in little miss sunshine. she will probably end up just another britney or lindsey or something... who can blame her though, have you ever heard of a child star who didn't end up like that?
by chocolategrape March 11, 2008
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