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only the best musical ever!! its all beatles songs, and its sort of weird, but still, its a great movie. if you havent seen it, go rent it RIGHT NOW
Across the Universe is my favorite movie!
by chocolategrape March 01, 2008
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the most awesome stuff in the universe. kind of like clay but softer and tastes salty. we used to make it at the preschool we i went to, and its mostly salt. We would make yummy food out of it, and then our teacher would get mad.
She made a play-doh taco, and then ate it.
by chocolategrape February 10, 2008
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if you say it silently, it looks like you're saying "i wanna fuck you"
Person 1 (silently): I wanna vaccuum.
Person 2: Whaaaaaattt??????
by chocolategrape March 11, 2008
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pay a nickel for someone to tickle your pickle (penis)
Guy: "Nickle tickle pickle!"
Girl: "Ok!"
by chocolategrape March 04, 2008
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the past tense of the verb
"to cum"
He caim all over her ass.
by chocolategrape February 18, 2008
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a white person
you can make a wonder bread sandwich...
see nutella
She's white like wonder bread!
by chocolategrape March 03, 2008
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cracker (white person) i'd like to fuck
that girl is such a cilf!
by chocolategrape February 25, 2008
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