A special hand signal made by placing one hand on top of the other and twiddling the thumbs to create the shape of a swimming Turtle. Used in awkward situations.
Person 1: Hey! I'm awesome!
Persons: ..........

*awkward turtle*
Person 1: lol.
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imaginary turtles that are born after you run into your girlfriend while hanging out with other girls that you didn't tell her about; making it an awkward situation to be included in
woah, 10,000 awkward turtles were just born
by coolkids03 November 30, 2008
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A sex position. A guy gets a girl naked, gets himself naked except for his pants, and lays on top of her. He then proceeds to awkwardly dry hump her while wriggling his arms and legs and making awkward noises, including the phrase, "Awkward turtle!!"
Man, Kevin totally Awkward Turtled Amanda last night. She was so mad.

Timmy never had sex before, and he really liked Stacy. They were making out and were about to have sex, but Timmy got really nervous. Instead, he just did The Awkward Turtle until she got dressed and went home.
by SuccubusLady August 4, 2011
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Informal sign language gesture meant to convey awkwardness of the person making the sign, usually in a group conversation that takes place face-to-face.

Can be used to show awkwardness regarding many things, like abrupt changes in conversation topic, sudden hit on the opposite sex, anything in the TMI realm, etc.

The sign is made by placing the left hand out flat, in front of you, palm down, thumb sticking out to the right. The right hand is then put directly on top of the left hand, palm down, with the thumb pointing to the left. Both thumbs are then moved back and forth to mimic the fins of a swimming sea turtle.

Make the sign a few inches in front of your stomach, not to far away from your body.
Alan: "So, THEN what happened?"
Jill: "Our guide quickly fixed my harness, and we zipped to the next tree in the rain forest."
Rob:" That is totally cool! How far up were you?"
Jill: "At least 200 feet. Sometimes more. The whole thing was over a mile long. Took us hours."
Alan: "Tell me you weren't scared, and I'll call you a liar."
Jill: "Well I..."
Edward: "Your Facebook photo is pretty."
Rob: <awkward turtle>
by citiz3n February 22, 2010
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The appearance of micropenis on an especially obese male. It looks like a turtle that is too socially awkward to come out of its shell.
I saw an awkward turtle in the locker room. Made me feel a lot better about myself.
by Wandering_Hammer August 2, 2021
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In common useage in essex. Whenever an awkward or tense situation arises, the tenseness can be examplified by this gesture. You hold one hand out straight with fingers splayed. The other hand goes on top with the fingers curling in between the gaps in the fingers. Now all fingers curl to make a sphere (the shell of the turtle). Finally the thumbs on both hands are rotated.
Man 1: Man she's fit.

Man 2: Dude, that's my sister.


Passer-by does Awkward Turtle.
by Awkward! May 9, 2010
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Noun: The gesture of making a turtle with your hands to signify and awkward moment

Adjective: To describe an uncomfortable moment
Noun: She made an Awkward Turtle

Adjective: That was awkward turtle as!
by TQWEE December 16, 2009
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