1. Someone who is says something in a conversation and there is nothing to be said back to. Usually a third person.

2. Someone who makes the mood in the room incredibly uncomfortable.
by Speechless_13 October 08, 2009
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1. a phrase accompanied with a hand motion (one hand is placed on top if another palms down and thumbs out) to illustrate an awkward moment
2. turtles having sex
I was sitting in my room talking to Mike one night and I look over to find that my baby turtles are having sex. AWKWARD TURTLE!!
by Kelly Mariee July 22, 2008
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When a man and a woman are having anal sex and the man pulls out and as he does this the woman crowns a poo but manages to catch it before it goes on to the bed ( making it look like the turtle has stuck his head seen its awkward and then went back inside its shell)
*John pulls out*

*Sarah crowns poo*

sarah: ooo i think i just awkward turtled

John: oooo you didnt want that
by JAY D17 April 29, 2011
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1. Something that should never be used 2. When an awkward moment occurr, you place one hand face down in the air. Carely(very carefully) place you second hand on top of the first facing the same way. Your thumbs should now be on opposite sides and you wiggling them in a forward position when the awkward moment happens. By that point, you should probably walk away from whatever you are doing.
Bruce lee:Yeah, last week, i was taking a piss and i realized i had a wart on my penis.
ChuckNorris: I would do the awkward turtle, but im chuck norris and I'm way too cool for that and it reminds of this one fat annoying girl from high school.
by ChuckNorrisOnUrbanDictionary January 15, 2007
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it is a hand motion by putting one hand on top of the other and moving your thumb in a circling motion. used during awkward situations.
Chris and Tina are on a date. Luke walks up.
Luke:"Did you hit that last night?" and points at Tina.
Awkward silence
Tina:"Awkward Turtle!" and does the motion.
by pourky September 26, 2009
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This is the mascot for an awkward moment.

It is done by placeing your hands on top of each other, and spining your thumbs forward in a circular motion. This creats the creature know as awkward turtle.

Unlike American sign language this actually is the sign for turtle in British sign language.

"You only get Aids from sexing up monkeys"


"I have Aids"


"haha awkward turtle"
by kat123xx August 16, 2011
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A really awkward person.
Such as Andrew Kursh
ME: Andrew Kursh is such an awkward turtle!
RANDOM PERSON: oh i know! jesus christ wont he just shut the fuck up?
by Annonymous2 January 31, 2007
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