Having a strong desire for power, usually a dictator.
Person: Why are you so power hungry?
Dictator: idk
Person: Just let me be co owner or a moderator.
Dictator: im busying around
by MLG guyyyt July 10, 2016
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A person who craves an insane amount of power constantly. The person will sacrifice any and all of his time in order to gain more power.

See God

by The Power Hungry Monster February 6, 2003
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The abuse of an online forums moderating, usually by most or rarely one of the sites moderators.
"After looking at the posts that he deleted I happen to agree with what he's done. The posts you made look like you're trying to get the 15 posts needed to be able to post links. They'll stay deleted." -Arcanine
"Fuck you, and your Power Hungry Moderating.." -Professor_Ash
by A no ny mous November 3, 2010
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A whore's who hunger for power is matched by her hunger for cock. She will suck and fuck as many managers, supervisors, and boss's as she needs to climb the corporate ladder. She's the skany bitch at the office that will most likely also get the promotion befor you and your hard work.
That power hungry cock whore stole my promotion for being boss's secretary!! that bitch!
by Dopeldog January 31, 2011
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