The sexiest man alive! Smart,funny,sweet,super attractive, amazing lovers,great body,large penis. Can be the biggest asshole or the sweetest guy at the sametime. If you know a ivan you are very lucky to have them in your life. Usually from eastern Europe or Latin descent. Originally meaning "gift from god". Totally fuckable !
Wow. This is a great party! Look around there's so many Ivans here.

What is it about Ivan that i just want to sit on his face?

Ivans so funny. I wish he was mine.
by Jessica Bentacourt June 29, 2013
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Ivan is a dude who can clap with his balls
Mozart ends a piano solo

Ivan: "claps with balls"
by Jajca na oko November 3, 2018
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Ivan is a name usually given to a male. The name in translation always resembles a term such as the following: Chosen One, Valiant, Loving, Honorable, Modest, Caring, Compassionate, Faithful, Keeper of Secrets, Sexy, etc... The name has been in use for centuries and continues to be assigned to those only worthy of the title. May we all look to Ivan as an example.
Valiant Keeper Sexy Modest Chosen One Loving Caring Ivan Compassionate Male
by Witness of the Truth March 8, 2014
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Ivan don't eat my noodles
by Boo Sacku August 24, 2015
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He's Bruce Lee's long lost son, Chuck Norris is normally under his command, He is who bring balance to the force, and the one who holds the universe in his hands. He is the Chose One.
by guanatanmera33 February 8, 2012
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Amazing, sweet, funny, cute, the kind of guy you would never expect falling in love with...

Your best friend, the guy you watch from afar, the guy that makes you spout poetry because everything looks fricking wonderful and beautiful right now. Makes you sing, makes you laugh at anything and everything, makes you feel like the world is spinning around you.
Girl 1: (bitterly watches couples smooching on Valentine's Day) I'm so alone...forever alone...
Girl 2: Come on, let's go find you an Ivan. Look, there's one right there!
Girl 1: Only if you don't mind me being love-crazy for the next year...
Girl 2: Don't worry, it's unavoidable. Anyone who falls in love with Ivan will sing sappy love songs, laugh a lot, dance around, act like a nutcase...
Girl 1: ... (too busy staring at Ivan)
Girl 2: Here we go...
by starry-eyed March 19, 2013
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