Jace is a guy with the biggest cock you’ve ever seen. Don’t let this guy leave your life or he will smack you across the face with his dick and leave you to die.
Damn is that jace watch out. Dang look at that bulge!
by Kadebro75 February 29, 2020
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Hottest, most caring person to meet, the one who has your back all the time. The reason to wake in the morning. The perfect guy to marry or fall in love with.
by Your love AB March 6, 2017
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Jace is the cutest most funniest guy I know he is so smart but denies it and is the best boyfriend ever.
by Kikithegirl January 30, 2019
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An absolute beauty and a stud. Pleasures all the ladies with his magical fingers and his giant schlong. He has a strong sexual drive and isn't afraid to use his body to get what he wants. He is a sexual panther who's main source of food is the inner meat of a female. He is sexually aggressive and under no circumstance should you pursue a Jace unless you like it rough an from behind.
by TannerBrockman October 29, 2013
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Jace is the type of guy that is very funny and usually likes to accomplish a lot, he is a great friend and he usually has a lot going on at home that he hides only for his friends to know. Jace is very smart, usually gifted. He uses videogames to escape from his pains. He makes lots of mistakes but if you get a Jace, hold on to him forever and don't let him go. If he makes a mistake, just try to get over it and give him another chance.
Jace is so nice to me
by Xxו×xX April 23, 2020
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