The animal mascot of the awkward moment.

When you're in an awkward moment, place your hands on top of each other, and spin your thumbs forward. Thus creating the creature know as awkward turtle.
Oh my god, so I was talking to Becky about STDs and I forgot she had syphillis... it was mad awkward turtle
by Final Attempt September 7, 2005
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A motion performed by stacking one's hands on top of one another, extending the thumbs and rotating the thumbs slowly. Performed after a friend has said/done something awkward, either to ease the tension or further humiliate the friend.
"Dog, today carver asked laura to the dance, and she turned him down in front of like 50 people."
"What'd you do?"
"We had to bust out the awkward turtle"
by Urban Dictionary December 6, 2007
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a motion with the hands done during an awkward moment.

you put one hand on top of the other, palms down, and move your thumbs in a circular motion
Will you marry me?

what??? NO!

awkward turtle...
by hellomoto1234321 September 9, 2008
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The "Awkward Turtle" is used during the present moment of a situation at hand. You may use it under the table at a diner outing to relieve some of the awkward tension, or on your way to the restroom as you excuse yourself from the awkward moment. The Awkward Turtle is also used in conjunction with the Awkward Antlers when re-telling the aforementioned events.
In the Situation: As you hug your Ex, you do the awkward turtle behind his back.
by JesChel August 26, 2006
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the act placing your hands flat on top of each other and moving your thumps in a circular motion, this is usually done when the room has fallen silent and every one is staring at each other awkwardly
Kate: So you wanna get freaky tonight?

John: No, Im gay...


John: Awkward turtle
by DancesNude February 22, 2011
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(adj) The term "akward turtle" was created in Bronxville, NY and spread quickly all around Westchester, and probably exists in different areas around the United States. Awkward Turtle refers to a turtle on it's back, a situation most commonly known to turtles as akward, thus, akward turtle. There is also a hand motion for the "akward turtle...that being the right hand over the left hand with palms facing up, with your pinky and thumb fingers moving about, as if the turtle was trying to get up..
Oh my god So I was talking to Becky about STDs and I forgot she had was mad awkward turtle
by imtheman May 15, 2006
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Hand gesture made with both hands, one on top of the other while rotating the thumbs, that resembles a turtle. Performed when an awkward moment occurs, or when recounting an awkward moment.
Rosie "When Will visited me here once they let him in my room, which was weird because they don't let boys in the boarding house. So I felt special, but then they came in and he had to leave. Turns out they thought he was my brother, not my boyfriend, so they let him in. Fail."

Morrigan "LOL!!"

Rosie "Biggest fail ever AND on way out girl who I know's mum came in and was like "OH ROSIE. IS THIS YOUR BROTHER? YOU LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE!". And awkward turtle was done"
by Velvet Letters September 14, 2010
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