Another word for intellegence used in the middle-class ghetto.
"He has very little awareness."
by Alex Quantashassle June 10, 2005
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Term used when you find information that you actively sought out, but b/c you're a pathalogical liar, you pretend someone told you about it
One of my subscribers AWARED me that Igor at Vitruvian Physique made a video about me, mocking my terrible genetics
by DelDiablo May 23, 2019
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Used to ask for more information on something that has happened.
Did you see what happened last night at that party?

No, aware me.
by Samofy October 6, 2012
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Someone who can’t think correctly/logically
Logan Paul was awar for laughing at a dead body
by IceJJFish January 5, 2018
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To not be aware of haveing awareness! To not realize you're missing awareness. To think your awareness is good when it is not. Lack of common sense to know you need to be aware or have awareness.
Ashton thinks her driving skills are superior when in reality they're subpar, her awarance on this issue could use some work.
by The A brain June 4, 2017
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a state of the mind being fully aware of a situation. Usually being slightly inebriated and aware that your driving skills are impaired or any decisions you make will be bad.
My brains' awarement is telling me it's unsafe to drive and that having sex tonight will result in a child.
by Michael Bullshwitz October 13, 2009
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When a Maltease girl thinks she can say big words and then makes a fool of herslef on the phone
listen i am just awaring you
by sean pinagee April 28, 2005
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