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a business, brand or cultural reference point whose entire existence/ethos typifies the mundanity of life in the suburban middle class
how did we wander into this incredibly middle-class place?? look, i can see a GAP, a Talbots and a Nine West store without even turning my head! and . . . there's no Hermès here, panda. not even a chanel! oh, the horror, the horror!
by rational narcissist March 10, 2010
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That fucking smooth brain put his shirt on backwards again...

That smooth brain is dumber than a pile of shit.
by Tip Tank May 14, 2011
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Also known as the petty bourgeoisie by Marxist Definitions. Usually working professionals and often take residence in suburbia or greenbelt areas. Generally speaking, their children attend university and do well within the education system, often following in their parents footsteps to maintain some sort of professional job.

However, one must ask oneself how to define class. Perhaps financially or culturally? It has been asserted that you do not need to be restricted to relative material wealth in order to be middle-class. Rather, you can still have middle-class values. If this is true, then one can assume that there is still working-class values thus the statement that there ceased to be a working-class in the 1970's is false. Furthermore, that even if they have two cars and take several holidays a year they are still distinctly working-class. Often it has been asserted that money does not buy you class or status. Certain Neo-Marxists now assert that the working-class are transforming into a "Service Class" for the 'infomation workers'. For example, service class's may work in Supermarkets on checkouts, providing a service for people who are employed in the IT industry.

A stereotypical middle-class family might consist of two parents, married, living in detached house with two cars and a well maintained garden. Their children, both at university. They enjoy dinner parties and have many cook books and dabble in Red Wine probably far to often. This is merely a stereotype though, you'd probably be suprised how many have fairly bizarre patterns of behavior such as Swining or Heroin addiction.

See the films Blue Velvet or American Beauty for accounts of the American middle-class. Alternatively George Orwell wrote exstensively on the class system in Britain in novels such as "Down and Out in London and Paris" and "Road to Wigan Peer".
"Darling, can you please pass me the salt?"

"We're having a dinner party tonight, don't bloody forget the Red Wine again Paul!"

"George, can we jock the gimp suits tonight and get cracking with the cocaine whilst the kids are away?"
by Anon. April 04, 2005
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The financially 'comfortable' sociopolictical group that most people aspire to as a base level of social standing, whilst treating the same 'class' with derision for thier mundanely suburban lifestyle and location.
Saying: "Fucking middle class mummies in thier Chelsea tractors.

Thinking: '...that's a nice jeep'
by EducatedChav June 17, 2009
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having the financial ability to pay your bills, live in a good house and go on a vacation once in a while.
Living in a detached two story home in the suburbs, two cars, vacation once a year, and a some extra money on the side is what I consider middle class.
by Feely7 April 15, 2011
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A relatively financially stable class that generally works white collar jobs.
Class is defined by 4 things: Wealth (How much land/stocks/stuff you have. The top 1% of this country owns 80% of US wealth, leaving probably 15 - 20%to the middle class.), Income (Salary/wage of generally $60,000 - 150,000 or so, possibly more per year), Education (Generally middle class people have at least some college education), and Prestige (How respectable your job is, so that is why a plumber can be paid more than a IT person, but is considered working class).

Most people think the middle class is the class they are in. They think this because they know someone who has more money than they do, and someone who has less. Really, the middle class only makes up about 30% of the US population. A MUCH larger silent working class exists. The poverty line is a false indicator of middle class, as it is unsustainable and really the definition of "emergency poverty." Another words, financially, nutritionally, health-wise, families cannot make it when consistently within 200% of the poverty line without help.

The middle class is actually also a bit of a myth created by school and the media. It is seen as the ideal when in fact, in truth, it is out of the generosity of the working class (basically being underpaid to do all the grunt work that someone has to do) that keep the gears of this country well-oiled.

Sorry to break your bubble!
Most movies out there show Middle class as ideal if they talk about school. "Middle class values" = Hard work, perseverance, education.
by Sociology student March 17, 2006
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The socioeconomic class in the United States that emerged after WWII, know for suburban sprawl, soccer moms, SUVs, and strip malls. The middle class is neither poor nor rich, but comprise the largest share of the political electorate. The middle class is the only thing that separates the United States from the Third World and much of Europe, but is on the verge of its demise as politicians tax them to death and take away their jobs thru NAFTA and outsourcing, and as middle-class Americans themselves indulge in conspicuous consumption, that will ultimately lead financial insecurity. The middle-class is rapidly being squeezed out of existance. Often dubbed the Working Class by some, the middle-class can be both blue collar and white collar.
The middle class is the largest share of American society.
by March 23, 2009
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