175 definitions by Alex Quantashassle

What you say when things are not too wonderul at all.
"Looks like you got a D in History, Jacko!"
by Alex Quantashassle June 25, 2005
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Really dodgy half-price cereal you buy because you want to save money which you pour into a bowl, only to find that it is littered with assorted pubic hairs.
"Just bought a another box of pubix the other day, god I tell you, you gotta be careful!"
by Alex Quantashassle February 12, 2005
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When someone bleaches their hair properly, it's bright whitish-yellow all the way through. However, fashion, in all it's glory (sarcastic), has made it stylish to have poorly, half-bleached hair of the colour urine-yellow with black roots. This form of quasi-bleach is known as 'each'/'eaching' your hair.
It's trashy, greasy and smelly. Leave your hair alone.
by Alex Quantashassle June 20, 2005
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"Houston, the probes are about to be released from the satellite and we are ready for the uninstalling!"
by Alex Quantashassle April 20, 2005
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The surfie delusion of sitting out on your front lawn on a deck chair, at your surfie abode, perving/eyeing out all the girlish bikinis thatpass. Pretty sad, but it keeps the dumb bleached idiots out of the bars and clubs.
"The whole streets covered with doped up surfies having snaks."
"Oh god, I knew we shouldn't have moved to Cottesloe."
by Alex Quantashassle May 30, 2005
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The Australian alternative to chavs. Self-important little twits who listen to bands like Limp Biskit and Papa Roach because they think they're hardcore. Try to go out on dates because they're trying to act all adult, but it all ends s of poorly because their middle-class parents, after giving them lot money, notice that their 8-12 yearold kids are too young and put an immediate stop to it.
Bogan youth are the offspring of dumb christian yuppies however, not bogans. The offspring of bogans are little shits.
The little kids in homie clothing huddling together in groups around the gun games in Timezone are a good example of the bogan youth.
by Alex Quantashassle June 1, 2005
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Phrs. A homophobic comment and warning to fellow heterosexuals that contact with a gay male is likely or happening. From the misconception that all gay males will endevour, or want to have anal intercourse with any male. Derog.
"Here come's David! Backs to the wall, lads!"

"Oh fuck off."
by Alex Quantashassle August 1, 2005
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