14 definitions by Krys

Xibit uses it at the end of his show, to pimp people, by pinching there shirt. Pimpin', is to look hawt or having something really hot. Its a very ghetto word.
Xibit- 2 more things for ya, your keys, and, *pimps* you've officialy been pimped.

Pimpin'- Dang dawg, that cadilacc is pimpin'!
by Krys February 09, 2005
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it means you an ass hense the poo but i still like you hense the snick for snickers cause everyone loves snickers

or poosnickish meaning you being a ass but ur still cool
your such a poosnick

or ur poosnickish
by Krys August 04, 2004
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a very fat person
look over there at that aisle fiver! they look like they gonna break the chair!
by Krys March 04, 2004
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expression of saying what the fuck AKA WTFUX or WTFUX0rZ
WHAT THE FUx0rs was she thinking?
by Krys January 13, 2004
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"I wrote 'authoritive' on my English paper, and Mr. Gately thought it was real. Turns out the real word is 'authoritative."
by Krys October 02, 2003
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