Typically used on packaged goods such as a can of nuts or package of safety pins explaining that they are classified into groups, when in reality, they really are just mixed.. So this word is misused alot on products.. We now lose the meaning to it entirely.. (technically, it means separated into classified groups/ but in slang, it means mixed)
The can says that these nuts are assorted, so I guess that means they are mixed!!
by BuddyRoach May 16, 2006
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Noun. A collection consisting of various kinds. An assorted list of something. Essentially, noun form of the adjective 'assorted'.
"The store down the street has a pretty good assortion of birthday cards."

"Do you mean like...it has like, cards for different individuals, like birthday cards for cousins, for mothers, humorous cards...?"

"Yep, that's precisely what assortion means! It's the same as assortment but I like assortion better cause it's more intuitive, like collection from collect, assortion from assort right."

"Ah...whatever man."
by UrbanTown March 27, 2014
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It’s what people say when they mean “Assortmentand they say “Assortion” instead.
“Kids in grade 3 have just a random assortion of colours in their pencil case.”
by László the Wordkeeper February 24, 2019
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A term created by my mom to describe the crazy weirdos and mental people that you see on downtown city streets. You will find assortments in every major city. Although, Philadelphia seems to have a lot of them. The assortments like to congregate near main city streets, tourist areas, convention centers and public transportation stations.

Sometimes, the assortments will ask you for money. Other times, they walk down the streets arguing or muttering something to themselves. They are completely mental so it's best to avoid them and not give them anything.
My mom would tell me to be careful downtown and to watch out for the assortments on Market Street.
by addhead14 November 12, 2011
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Multiple men having sex with the same woman.

Many crazy people in one area. Come in all shapes and sizes.
Man, that woman is getting assorted nuts.

This place is full of assorted nuts.
by СукаБлять January 26, 2015
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a bunch of strange, random people that are all togather.
like max, joe, and other assorted randoms
by super_savvy_loves_cailou July 13, 2010
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1) Any action or behavior that would cause the person doing so to be labled a "fuckstick."

2) Usually underhanded ways of screwing up a good time.
I knew it was going to be a long night when it was only 7 pm and Kevin was up to his assorted fuckstickery already.

It was beastiality and other assorted fuckstickery that always landed Charles in strange places.
by Melvined March 26, 2010
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