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A term created by my mom to describe the crazy weirdos and mental people that you see on downtown city streets. You will find assortments in every major city. Although, Philadelphia seems to have a lot of them. The assortments like to congregate near main city streets, tourist areas, convention centers and public transportation stations.

Sometimes, the assortments will ask you for money. Other times, they walk down the streets arguing or muttering something to themselves. They are completely mental so it's best to avoid them and not give them anything.
My mom would tell me to be careful downtown and to watch out for the assortments on Market Street.
by addhead14 November 11, 2011
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Refers to the variety of female posterior-types that a majority of horny studs like to have access to... small tight firm round derrieres for spanking and lap-sitting, large floppy jiggly heinies for deeper more satisfying kneading and squeezing, flatter and more massageable buns for simple rubbing and caressing, and so on.
Some dudes choose to stick with one type of butt-cheeks for all of their squeezing/spanking/humping needs, but as for me, I prefer more of an ASSortment.
by QuacksO September 21, 2017
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