When used at the beginning of a sentence, this word is a variety of the 'filler' word basically. Another direct replacement for essentially is technically. Other filler words include like, just, and stuff and y'know, but they tend to be in the middle of or at the end of a spoken sentence. Filler words are rarely used in writing and are part of acquired speech.
Essentially, the leg bone is connected to the hip bone.
Replace the sentence with the less-wordy: The leg bone is connected to the hip bone
by Exit Ramp June 20, 2004
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Needed because no else is available; used to bribe employees to stay, work, and feel important.
Hey we’re going to have you work because... your essential.
by Sewdonim March 26, 2020
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In the nude pic, she is seen covering her essentials with her bare hands.
by Uttam Maharjan 1 August 06, 2014
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a very sexy guy with a 10 inch black cock often used for pleasing women by hitting their g spot with their enormous cocks
eSSeNTiaL fucked the shit out of that girls pussy and gave her bruises along with herpes.
by bJOHNSONdt aka eSSeNTiaL April 15, 2005
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kick-ass band from Seminole, FL. They rock the house hardcore style. An awesome mix of musical genres such as Indie and Retro Rock. Some of their greatest influences are The Beatles, The Pixies, The White Stripes, Yo La Tengo, and The Doors. For more info. see www.theessentialsrock.com
Jimpi, Mada Condor, Fat Jew, and Milt playes some wicked awesome stuff. They are in a band called The Essentials!
by Alex March 16, 2005
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Essential workers that are so badass and fearless they are viewed by society as having a fucking legendary and almost mythical status. Someone who never surrenders, backs down, or calls in sick despite the danger.
JerDawg is totally the essentialist of the essential. He's so badass and fearless that even the gangsters in his neighborhood are forced to show respect!
by calling them out April 20, 2020
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