the pussy thing to say to someone when they're making fun of you. you say this instead of fighting them cuz you're too much of a pussy to do anything.
Jock: yo pussy, i fucked you're mom last night and im about to fuck you're girlfriend today too and you're a fucking loser.

Pussy: pshhh... whatever man.
by yeahhhhhhhh8 October 3, 2009
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two words conjoined by one force resulting in a word. Commonly used by driver's education teachers
Alex the driver's education teacher: "Back in the day in 'Nam, man. Hahahaha, hoo-aa. Whatever man..."
by JPsKills10 July 2, 2010
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a versatile phrase used in a couple possible situations:
1. A comeback to a comment you don't care much about
2. A comeback to an insult showing you're stone cold and are immune to insults of poor prose
3. omgwtfbbq
1. AppleGeek1337: Hey Ian, did you know Apple is coming out with an iPhone next 1st quarter 2007 thats going to send the earth out of orbit with its greatness?

RightWingBich_mann_: Ya whatever man

2. Refugee: yo PLove you're full of shit

PLove: Ya whatever man

3. fucking_idiot1085: teh OMGWTFBBQ!!1

anySanePerson0741: Ya whatever man
by pavonismons December 20, 2006
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Man, whatever your mom says. This means that the sayer of this phrase is willing to do whatever your mom says. He has an extreme love for your mom and will do whatever she says. While saying this phrase, the sayer will shit his pants and also massive jizz bomb in his pants with the thought of doing whatever your mom says. With love, your mom.
Girlfriend: What do you wanna do babe?
Boyfriend: Man, whatever your mom says.
Girlfriend: Why does it smell like shit...DID YOU FUCKING JIZZ YOURSELF?!
by Your Awesome January 5, 2011
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