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The Dark Maji from the South.
This Juggalo serial killer is a mastermind pothead who will go off any moment on some chicken neck muthafacko!!! He is strange, yet smart. He'll kill you if you aint careful.
This is the surpreme Tosian. 4:20
by BuddyRoach May 14, 2003
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Typically used on packaged goods such as a can of nuts or package of safety pins explaining that they are classified into groups, when in reality, they really are just mixed.. So this word is misused alot on products.. We now lose the meaning to it entirely.. (technically, it means separated into classified groups/ but in slang, it means mixed)
The can says that these nuts are assorted, so I guess that means they are mixed!!
by BuddyRoach May 16, 2006
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