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-A funny internet meme that depicts a tank flying through the air.
-What Al Gore screams at everyone
-Something to say when you drop the shit of the century
-Something to scream when you are in the woods
-Al Gore: "Excelsior!"
- <Squeezes, grunts, and straining> "Wow that's an excelsior shit for sure.
-<In the woods> EXCELSIOR!!!!!
by СукаБлять February 4, 2015
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Don't be so overly dramatic about it, Chuck. You're saying it's a falsehood, and our press secretary, Sean Spicer, gave alternative facts to that.
by СукаБлять February 3, 2017
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See gheyfagz.

An untalented piece of shit who wears girl's clothes. This is the best example of white trash. This faggot makes 'songs' that sound like a dying animal.
*knock at the door
Person 1- who is it
Animal rescue. we believe there is a dying animal here
Person 1- no, it's just Justin Biebers so called music.

Animal rescue-fuck that guy he makes my job so hard

Oh my god, it's justin bieber and he stole girl clothes cause he's creepy and gay.
by СукаБлять March 31, 2015
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Love is a fart. If you have to force it, it's probably shit!
by СукаБлять June 9, 2018
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War with guns that shoot small foam penises. A fun and hilarious way to keep one's virginity.
BF-I got hit with 30 penises last night.
BF-wait they're ner... Damn it she's gone. It was just a nerf war...

Oww why did you shoot me in the penis with a penis. That nerf war was intense
by СукаБлять January 6, 2015
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Minecraft retard. Sucks at it, and is a n00b.
Thinks redstone is ruby.

Thinks lapis is sapphire, which technically it is. In the game, there is no 'sapphire'.

Thinks emeralds make tools, and armor, a along with 'ruby', stone, etc.

stone and wood make tools not armor.

Minetarded person- wood, y u no make armor.
by СукаБлять January 27, 2015
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What ALL 50 states in the US need.
I live in a legal state, Michigan. I started smoking at age 19 and it has helped with so many things from depression to social anxiety to my chronic back pain. If all states had legal weed, a lot of issues today's generations face would be much easier to cope with.
by СукаБлять February 4, 2022
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