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one who is useless or unnecessary, as attempting to wear a hat on one's ass is.
"We need that asshat on our team like I need a new asshole on my forehead."
by Knotty1 February 7, 2010
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When a person gets to a level of agitation that requires the person to tell the agitator to wear their ass as a hat.
Agitator: Hey dipshit! How does it feel to know you're a crack baby!?
Agitated: Go fuck yourself with a cactus asshat!
by Dr. English D. Fuckerupper September 26, 2014
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When a person has exceeded the measurable levels of fucktardal asshatery. Their level of stupidity is clearly noticeable when they enter any room. They clearly have their head neck deep in their own ass.
Jesus Christ, Tom is such an Asshat.
by Scottokelley March 31, 2017
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An ambiguous "emoticon" seen by some as a heart and others as asshat.
Is this a love letter, or a brush off to an asshat:


I guess you know how I feel about what happened last night. See you around!


by misinterpreter October 6, 2006
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that little tatto chicks get right above their buttcrack usually called a tramp stamp
did u see taras new asshat i hope she didnt pay alot for it
by douschebaghater June 27, 2009
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The formation of shit that completely fills your ass crack as you dump in your pants while sitting. The compressed turd creates a hat for your ass.
A person who would best be described by comparing to the above.
Timmy extruded a massive asshat in his diaper.
Joe is such an asshat.
That was a real asshat move.
by howman December 12, 2008
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a moron who tries to write profanity in public and can't spell.
at a theme park,"fuck fagits" and written underneath is learn to spell asshat
by johnredd June 22, 2005
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