One who has their head up their ass, thus wearing their ass as a hat. Someone who is very ignorant, stubborn or dull.
"Gah! Dan won't pay me back my cash! Freakin' asshat!"
by Dervish March 05, 2006
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The process of shoving your head up an ass, all the way, and wearing it for whatever reason you wish.. to block the sun, or fashion exetera.

"I had my first ever Asshat yesterday, what an experience!"
by Stinky Nan June 03, 2017
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(ass; hat) -noun

1. A person who makes a fool of, or embarrasses his or herself.
2. an idiot or fool.
That guy is such an asshat!
by Dr. Mjolner February 03, 2010
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a unit vector in the ass direction
(similar to i hat, a unit vector in the i (or x) direction, j hat, k hat, etc.)
"Andrew is such an asshat."
"Totally. His unit vector is definitely pointed in the ass direction."
by andiland July 20, 2005
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one who is oblivious to the world around them,lacking common sense,their head might as well be up their ass.
ec isn't going to vegas so he can put rocks around his yard,what an asshat,he is going to miss the best time ever!
by LAUGHING SKULL November 15, 2006
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One who shows so much ignorance to the world around them that it seems as though their head has been shoved into their rear-end, using it as a hat.
Idiot: 9/11 really happened on 9-11???
Person making fun of idiot: No shit, you asshat.
by kikurasshat April 02, 2009
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