A. An idiotic person.

B. An asshole/jerk
Guy: Man Braeden's such an asshat!
Guy2: I know right?
by Demtane March 30, 2018
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when you want to swear but your on your christian minecraft server. and if they say you swore you say i didn't swear! i said hat! thats what antman said, some guy named stinger wanted to kill him so ant man hit him with a fricken thomas the tank engine. don't mess with antman..... or thomas
by new guy 101 December 3, 2018
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a legal professional; one who engages in the practices of law; an attorney; in England, a barrister; from the latin roots 'ass' and 'hat' meaning 'law' and 'yer,' respectively. Alt., less common usage, a business school student or recent graduate.
My ex-wife's asshat demanded the refrigerator in the divorce... I mean, the fucking refrigerator!!!

That corporate asshat is wearing Italian loafers, which cost more than my car.

How many asshat books can John Grisham write?
by gnumb April 1, 2009
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noun- (asshat) 1: A person full of shit, derived from the phrase "go shit in your hat"; A person who continually behaves in such a fashion that makes those around him decide that he has his head firmly wedged in his ass.

2: A person convinced that being an ass makes them automatically the expert on a given topic.

3: A person who assumes the truth from the details provided within their own ass, or pulled from therein.
"I'd ask Fred for help, but he's always such an asshat about it"
by Prom&Lusus April 22, 2009
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That which refers to Logic
That asshat Logic is a midget
by ilLOGICalFarmer September 21, 2009
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people who submit retarded definitions to UD
the person who wrote this is an asshat
by big asshat August 2, 2006
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one who is useless or unnecessary, as attempting to wear a hat on one's ass is.
"We need that asshat on our team like I need a new asshole on my forehead."
by Knotty1 February 7, 2010
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