When fisting a butthole, force you whole fist in and open your hand, and hen wiggling your fingers.
She pissed me off, so i gave that bitch the agitator.
by spankClown February 7, 2009
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When you're pissed and want to do something about it. (Agitated + Confrontational = Agitational)
Beatrice called an agitational Judith a filthy skank; Judith wanted to curb-stomp Beatrice's punk-ass.
by jesus_shuttlesworth January 19, 2010
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n. The state of being irritated, frustrated, annoyed, or moody.
Being continuously bothered by someone who asks blatantly obvious questions which they should know the answer to is agitation
by Godofgamers August 17, 2008
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You were doing the tik tok trend of removing the first and last letter of your name but with Naggy-toe
by Idk you will know July 14, 2021
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1.A word that describes a person that is doing undesirable activities on a back pack such as pooing (Agitating)

2. To get angry (Agitated)at another person for doing absolutely nothing
She Agitate In A toilet {Example 1}

Some one Agitated at me for doing nothing (online/verbal) {Example 2}

(Pass Tense Future Tense)

He Agitated She Agitated We Agitated We are Agitating He/She is Agitating We/She/He Agitated
by 15556 October 3, 2009
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1.) feeling or appearing troubled or nervous

2.) stir or disturb (something, especially a liquid) briskly
Agitating over such a normal sexual desire is curious
by haley Dyson April 8, 2015
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