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Asses up is a game played in parks, schoolyards or anywhere kids can find a large flat wall to throw a ball against, like the one in Buchmuller Park in Secaucus. The ball of choice is a sponge ball or “spongie,” or even a tennis ball. Basically, you have 2 or more kids throwing the ball against the wall and each person has to catch the ball. If you drop the ball 1 or more times (depending on the rules established), you have to put your ass up against the wall to be beaned by each other person playing the game. Sometimes, the guy throwing the ball can call out someone’s name and that person has to be the one to catch the ball. If you fail to catch the ball, ASSES UP! The game is a lot more fun if you play with fat kids who aren’t quick enough to catch the ball. Plus, their butts make great targets.
Kid 1: We are going down to Buchmuller Park to play Asses Up, are you in?

Kid 2: Be nice when throwing the ball at my butt, Dr. DeAngelis just gave me a shot of penicillin.
by shredder666 August 15, 2011
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