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female ejaculatory fluid;unlike cow's milk, it is semi-transparent.Arrives in 4 flavours, like lemon juice, or sugar, or vinegar, or toffee.Usually multiple squirts, can total 1/4 cup (far more than semen).All flavours taste good. This is not urine;it comes from glands in the urinary tract just upstream of the clitoris. A wondrous event for any man to experience.
I was licking her clitoris when suddenly without warning she deposited coconut milk all over my beard.
by John R. December 04, 2003
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New-found slang to refer to semen. Other examples may include: Love nectar, dick juice, love honey, and cum.

It was masterfully created to fit both serious and comedic scenarios. If you’re trying to hide naughty words in front of children, you may use this as a substitute, AND if you’re just using this as a playful or ironic go between with you and your friends it also works well.

This pun is a play off of “coconut milk,” but instead places emphasis on the “nut” to add sexual implication.
“K-kyaaa Keith-kun~ what is this sticky mess coming out of my ochinchin??” “It’s... uh... coco-nut milk ewe”

“Haha! Yeah dude, she was totally sucking up my coco-nut milk like she was had a thirst from hell.”

(Child present in room) “And so yeah! I was totally going at it and then his... coco-nut milk got everywhere.”
by xXDickloverXx February 01, 2018
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