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a small, shithole where everyone's wonderful.
underage drinking capital of the world.
everyone's fake. i'm fake. the girl sitting next to me is fake. your boyfriend is fake. your mom is probably fake too.
population- 500.
we're surrounded by jersey city & union city, but we're too white for them. & we might get shot.
overpopulated by people.
cops come when you sneeze.
wanna-be-guidos reside here.
the whole town is like US WEEKLY.
everybody knows everybody.
"i live in Secaucus, woohoo!"
by Y0 MUTHAAA April 04, 2006
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12 minutes drive to midtown Manhattan, when Lincoln Tunnel flows.
LT jammed? Get a train, it's 9 minutes to Penn.
The station is too out of town? Get a bus, it's 24/7 to NY.

And you can park along the street and leave the car keys in.
Find another place like this.
Should we take a bus from the (Secaucus) plaza to New York tonight?

Naa, it's Tuesday, let's go with my car.
by A--Z May 04, 2010
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The burbiest town in Hudson County, New Jersey. Until the 1950's it was most well-known for its pig farms. In the 70's and 80's it became well-known for the outlet shops and warehousing. Now it's mostly known as a place for NYC tourists to find cheap(er) accomodations and big-box shopping, as well as the outlets waaaay across town. No more pig farms, just a handful of residents who act like pigs. Many people in town are long-time residents and are good people with a Jersey "attitude", though in the past few years there are more immigrants seeping in. Despite that 2/3rds of the town's land (most of that being swamp) is owned by Hartz Mountain, Secaucus still has a real small-town feel, just drive down Paterson Plank Road and see. Marra Drugs is delightfuly old school, hope it stays around even though CVS moved in across the street. Natoli's Pizza is some good stuff. One of the country's first Blimpie's outside of Hoboken opened up here next to the old Acme/present CVS. Damn, do I miss that Acme.
I hate it when the news reporters say they are reporting from "suh-CAH-cus." It's SEE-caw-cuss, stupids! If you say it that way to someone from Secaucus you'd get your ass kicked straight into the Hackensack.
by someone18 September 10, 2006
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a small swamp in northern new jersey completely lacking in stuff to do but full of banks and gas stations. secaucus is made up of mostly fat italian kids. the only thing there is to do here is play beerpong, smoke crappy weed in buchmiller, drive up and down paterson plank road, and if you're lucky score some blow.

perhaps secaucus's most interesting place to go is buchmiller park where you can usually find six or seven 21 year-old unemployed losers in bands hanging around getting drunk with their 17 year-old slutty girl friends.

the cops don't do much either. they pretty much just drive back and fourth between the towns three dunkin doughnuts's.
Jersey City Kid 1: You wanna go chill in Secaucus tonight?

Jersey City Kid 2: No.
by bleghhhhh September 10, 2006
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a town where a bunch of punk ass sluts live. people smoke too much weed. the class of 2010 is whack. joey imprev is on steriods. and every class is a hoe like urtina. the parties are whack and drinking is our job. we dont like any other towns and think we are the shit. the best hang out is no where because all people do is drive around. never come to seacucus.
i hate secaucus
by the real talk hoe April 28, 2009
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town that really sucks, very boring, but has a couple cool people...full of rejects like jqwan, who have no life, and stalk young girls...not a fun place at all... tons of druggies...we have a CVS now, and its taking away from Marra's business, which i dont like at all...i graduate in 09, but some of the most popular seniors are : britt, larissa,black nick,john larissas boyfriend,felix is kinda popular, so are tiff, and the 2 laurens are somehwat popular too..but anyway, its overall STUPIDD !!!! dont visit, if you get here, turn the other way !
"let's go to secaucus and get drugs"
by cutola October 29, 2006
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Is any town in New Jersey more conveniently located? Secaucus is the first true suburban community outside Manhattan, just five miles from Times Square. It's convenient, yet it's small town. Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?

Residents, as well as visitors staying at the community's many fine hotels and motels, can be in Manhattan in as little as 20 minutes via express bus or train. Or they quickly can be on their way to other points in via the New Jersey Turnpike or State Route 3, both of which pass through the town.

And just across the Hackensack River, a mile away, is the area's sports and entertainment center, The Meadowlands, home of the Giants, the Jets, the Nets, the Devils, the Red Bulls, and the Seton Hall Pirates; concerts, circuses, ice shows, weekly flea market; and the Meadowlands Race Track.

Location! Location! Location! What makes Secaucus great for residents and visitors also makes it great for business. Secaucus is the corporate home of many major businesses and a distribution center serving Manhattan and Northern New Jersey. Its proximity to New York offers quick delivery.

This distribution center, cleverly separated from most of the town's residential areas, has spawned the other activity for which the community is well known - outlet shopping. In Secaucus, along with the manufacturers' outlets, you'll find the true warehouse outlets, where the store's in the front and racks of clothes are behind. Periodically the storehouses themselves are opened for that shopper's dream, a real warehouse sale!

The town has not neglected it's traditional business center, which residents call The Plaza. Flowers are pridefully planted in park areas in the center of town, where a beautification program was undertaken a few year's ago. There, businesses thrive, many in the hands of local families who have served their customers for generations.

Harmon Meadow, at the eastern side of Secaucus, has a pleasant town square atmosphere. There, numbers of shops surround an attractive green. It is in this area that you'll find a number of the major hotels, two Loews multiplex cinemas and the Meadowlands Exposition Center.

Secaucus has also become a communications hub, home of broadcast studios for MSNBC, NBA Entertainment, MY Channel 9 and news bureaus for other networks. My Network offers tours to organized educational groups of 25 or less by advance arrangement.

Sports and recreation abound for town residents. There's a swim center for summer and an ice rink for winter. There's a soccer field and a roller hockey rink. There's a boat ramp into the Hackensack River. There are gyms and fields and organized teams for virtually all outdoor and indoor sports.

Nature is preserved in areas large and small; Snipes Beach Park, The Duck Pond, Schmidts Woods, and a major Meadowlands preserve in the northern sector of the town. The trailhead of the 1.5-mile long Mill Creek Marsh Trail is located adjacent to Stop 'n Shop supermarket at the Mall at Mill Creek, providing access for birding especially. With its patches of marsh grasses, mud flats and long winding brackish waterways, the Meadowlands is home to 260 bird species, including 15 state-endangered species. There are also muskrats, terrapins, foxes and fiddler crabs.

Canoe and kayak trips through the meadows are available at Laurel Hill Hudson Country Park in Secaucus. The Hackensack Riverkeeper rents canoes and kayaks on weekends from April through October. The Hackensack Riverkeeper Cruise Program, offers two-hour guided naturalist trips on the river and through the marshes of the Meadowlands The park also boasts two floating docks and the only free, unrestricted public boat ramp on the River.

While sports and recreation serve the young, the town has also remembered its older residents. Secaucus has led the State in Senior housing. Three major Senior Citizen residences and a Senior activity center serve the needs of those who have served the town.

Secaucus is community centered, with clubs and organizations - Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, Masons, Unico. etc. One can become active with the Shade Tree Commission or the CAST Theater group, or any number of other organizations. The Volunteer Fire Department is a focal point of activity and civic pride.

Secaucus offers fine schools for its children. There are two public elementary schools and a middle-high school. There, children get a caring education and are offered a range of extra curricular activities. The new Arthur F. Couch Performing Arts Center was opened at the High Schoool/Middle School facility in 2005. Immaculate Conception also provides parochial education up to grade eight, and there is a library preschool and three day care centers for the town's youngest.

Eight churches and a Hindu temple serve the religious needs of the community. The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour, First Reformed, Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic, St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran and Shree Swaminarayan Hindu Temple each maintain their own religious centers. The Fountain of Life Korean Reformed Church and the Misiรณn Cristiana Bautista de Secaucus meet at the First Reformed Church and Quimby Community Church meets at The Church of Our Saviour. The North Jersey United Pentecostal Church meets at the Holiday Inn.

All this and more in a town of 15,000 residents! It's a great place to live, work, raise a family, and a great place to visit.
Secaucus is one of the places that outlet shopping got started. It's a true bargain shopper's paradise where the glamour lies not in the store fittings, but in the real values.

In addition to offering a professional staff of trade show specialists and facilities to match, the Meadowlands Exposition Center is conveniently located just minutes outside of New York City.

The center offers 61,000 sq.ft. of exhibit space with five additional meeting rooms and a banquet capacity of 5000. With Newark Liberty International Airport so close by and a variety of nationally acclaimed hotels right around the corner, MEC offers one of the most complete and convenient facility packages in the Northeast.

So come on in and look around, take our virtual tour or find out more about our upcoming events. And when you're ready to book your next event, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in planning your most successful event ever!

by jrj07094 July 18, 2006
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