Ass-to-Mouth Resuscitation is the hilarious task of reviving somebody who is asleep or passed out by spreading ones naked butt cheeks and positioning it over a recipients mouth and farting into it. It is much better when witnessed by people who are trying to contain their laughter until the procedure has been successful. Compared to its more well known cousin 'mouth-to-mouth resuscitation', Ass-to-Mouth Resuscitation is an often thankless alternative, and if the recipient is woken by it, their response can range from aggressiveness, nausea and laughter, sometimes the recipient may experience all three of these symptoms. Ass-to-Mouth Resuscitation or 'ATM' as it's affectionately known can also be used to boost morale of those witnessing the said procedure, and the fond memories would never cease to bring tears of laughter to their eyes for years to come.
Mike:"Haha Rowan got hammered last night and is still passed out on the kitchen floor"
James: "Wow do you think we should try Ass-to-Mouth Resuscitation?"
Mike:"Lol yeah but we need to film so we'll get Kev in here, he can film it"
by Captain Andy Pants January 03, 2020
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when one farts into a his/her partners mouth, breaths it in, and thenceforth breathes it out, converting the methane into carbon dioxide.
"I decided to try an ass to mouth voncersion while having my salad tossed by my gay lover, pierre.
by chuck July 28, 2003
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Perfroming anal sex with one female then receiving oral sex from another female right after without washing off.
Man last night i took those 2 girls from the bar home and did some cross ass to mouth pollination.
by aj2893 December 20, 2006
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Gross condition of Bad Breath and 'Shit-Teeth' caused from Rimming or Eating a Guys Ass, and NOT Brushing afterwards.
"Everybody at the Party was SO Grossed Out by My 'Ass Mouth' nobody`d talk to me!
by Gregor Peebles January 03, 2006
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The type of mouth you get after a night of heavy drinking and taking drugs in excess of number. It consists of a sticky velcro tongue (so sticky it could stick to a dogs bollock and you get a dog fart in your face), a dry cloggy throat that's 1mm wide, furry teeth and lips that have flaking peeling dry skin coming off. It also creates a mouth that is non-quenchable by any liquid, it even makes ice water taste like you're licking the inside of a dustbin.
Courtney: My ass mouth is making me wana slit my wrists and dance in my own blood, I wish I had some turboce.
Amber: I'm not suprised, you're breath smells like a decapitated corpse, have a polo.
by ***Amboce*** June 03, 2007
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1. Extreme halitosis (bad breath).

2. A person who suffers from extreme halitosis, to the point where the only logical explanation for such bad breath from a human being is that he/she uses dog shit for toothpaste.
Well, what do you expect, ass-mouth doesn't have time to brush his teeth because he's on the internet all the damn time.
by Kevin Howlett February 16, 2004
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The wrinkles that unhappy old ladies have around their mouths. Often caused by smoking. And also being uptight.
If it wasn't for Botox, Ann Coulter would totally have ass mouth.
by anncoulter June 07, 2011
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