when you cum on a girls feet and then shit on her feet too and eat it off.. cum and ass mouth
i gave my girl a cum and ass mouth
by gabb asdd March 03, 2009
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1. To embarrass or be embarrassed

2. To humiliate

3. To treat or be treated; clowned.

4. derided
"Why do you always feel the need to put your ass in my/your mouth?" Stan replied angrily to Sharon.

"People going around putting they ass in people's mouth...this has got to stop!"

"You keep talking like that, I'm a put my ass in your/my mouth" said Jill, apparently upset with Bob's position.
by Chambana July 08, 2012
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Ass-to-Mouth Resuscitation is the hilarious task of reviving somebody who is asleep or passed out by spreading ones naked butt cheeks and positioning it over a recipients mouth and farting into it. It is much better when witnessed by people who are trying to contain their laughter until the procedure has been successful. Compared to its more well known cousin 'mouth-to-mouth resuscitation', Ass-to-Mouth Resuscitation is an often thankless alternative, and if the recipient is woken by it, their response can range from aggressiveness, nausea and laughter, sometimes the recipient may experience all three of these symptoms. Ass-to-Mouth Resuscitation or 'ATM' as it's affectionately known can also be used to boost morale of those witnessing the said procedure, and the fond memories would never cease to bring tears of laughter to their eyes for years to come.
Mike:"Haha Rowan got hammered last night and is still passed out on the kitchen floor"
James: "Wow do you think we should try Ass-to-Mouth Resuscitation?"
Mike:"Lol yeah but we need to film so we'll get Kev in here, he can film it"
by Captain Andy Pants January 03, 2020
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