A word to describe a situation where a male friend is unable to think with his head and therefore places himself in circumstances where he gets used by the same two girls, over and over, regardless of whether he actually gets pussy or not.
You: "Hey Nick! You've been hanging out with those two girls a lot recently, so which one do you like more?"
Nick: "I'm trying to get some, they both clapped but IDC."
Other friend: "Damn man's stuck in a 2-girl Harem."
by spacetimetorsion August 21, 2021
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Noun - A girl who you might try and chat up or pull in a nightclub when it gets to 1:50am and just want a snog before you have to leave. These are normally fat girls and ones you'd never normally bother talking to (see 'beer goggles'). Pulling a 10 to 2 bird will top off your night and make the entry fee to the club seem worth it and generally make you feel better about yourself! (see 'charlie big balls')
Come on mate i haven't pulled yet, lets go and find a 10 to 2 girl!
by Alex Howarth February 1, 2006
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A porn video known to easily shock people and get them sick because it's not like anything people would not expect to see.....ever.

The "2 girls" are two lesbian lovers. "1 cup" is when one of the girls actually poops in the cup. The video continues on with the two girls eating the cup of feces and rolling it in their mouth and making out with the feces in their mouth. The video continues with both of the girl sticking fingers down their throats and vomiting on the feces and on each others face. The video ends with feces/puke all over their faces and mouth.

The video is one minute long. They are not recommend for those who are under 18, easily offended, or have a weak stomach because it is known one of the most disgusting videos to spread across the web.

YouTube has numerous of reaction videos on the net and Family Guy also has a moment where Brian Griffin records Stewie Griffin's reaction. The reaction videos can tell you how gross it is. I, myself, watched it because a friend showed it to me. And I was shocked, but didn't feel sick. But I cannot look at chocolate ice cream the same way again. Let's just hope that two men never do that.
Who knew that a one minute video can traumatize me forever. 2 girls 1 cup is the nastiest thing I've ever watched.
by BellatrixR1008 December 8, 2010
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The shit of the internet, which is ironic because the video is about two girls eating shit.
Charlie: "Hey Susan come and watch 2 girls 1 cup with me"

Susan: "Omg my eyes! CHARLIE! WTF??"

Charlie: "I know right? look at the immensity of that shit...even i can't shit like that..amazing!"

Susan: "I think I'm gonna barf"

by PseudoFuck June 3, 2010
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A disturbing lesbian porno clip in which one girl proceeds to shoot shit out of her ass into a clear cup like ice cream, then the other girl eats it. Not many people venture past this part, but if you dare grab yourself a barf baggy.
That 2 girls 1 cup video would make any parent proud of their daughters.
by Patrick- December 28, 2007
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Quite possibly the most shameless and disgusting video involving feces out there right now.
The act of multiple(2) partners(girls) deffacating into glassware(1 cup) and then performing sexual acts with the fecal matter. 2 girls 1 cup
by noid311119 September 20, 2007
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