graham and josh having a secret homeo relationship behind juuls back. consists of kinky, weird sex. we don't want the details.
"Josh and graham are gay lovers"
"we been knew"
by herviwhore May 2, 2020
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To like women that are gay or bisexual

Or women that are gay but are secretly hitting on a man
Dude those girls turned out to be gay lovers
by Get dominic laid everyday February 1, 2019
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Just a free porn site for niggas who likes gay porn and grandmare porn
by Free g@y p0rn October 21, 2018
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“Omg r u a gay furry bdsm lover? Ur such a Tonya B”

by Bofa.man365.24/7 August 14, 2022
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Gay homosexual lovers is the word to describe every character from the anime, “Haikyuu”.
Hey bro did you see those gay homosexual lovers?”
“Oh yeah are you talking about Tobio Kageyama and Shoyo Hinata?”
by Yeahhimgayperiod February 24, 2021
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