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A derogatory term often applied to programmers and computer scientists by professionals in other areas working in the same office as them. Generally applied due to their poor social skills and notorious lack of hygiene, especially in the dental area - hence, "furry teeth".

Often used as a comeback from people who work in Marketing or Accounting, known as PR Drones and beancounters respectively.

Popularised by the famous panel, BOFH.
Furry Tooth - "Umm, well, I think you'll actually find that *insert long, long rambling drone about esoteric area that no-one cares about here*"

Normal Person - "God-damned furry teeth..."
by Aye Right September 12, 2007
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When someone has so much plaque and debris on their teeth it almost looks like "fur"
I don't know how he can be cold with those furry teeth
by BKT123 October 12, 2017
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