A gas which have a chemical symbol of CO2.It is a mixture of 1 carbon element and 2 oxygen element.It is present in the Earth's atmosphere at a low concentration of approximately 0.038% and is an important greenhouse gas. In its solid state, it is called dry ice. It is a major component of the carbon cycle.Produced in the process of burning.It is also a global warming gases or greenhouse gases which cause global warming(the rise of global temperature).
Carbon dioxide is produced in the process of burning & living things respiration.It is produced everyday.
by Wei Chong May 26, 2007
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A lame grey fart who doesn’t deserve to win ccc4 fucking dweeb
Carbon dioxide is a little bitch
by Noodlerangshipper60 July 22, 2020
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Look at those carbon dioxide pods. Apple is probably selling them at a bajillion dollars a pair.
by bigchungus1212 May 9, 2022
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"Ay did you guys know oxygen is just Photosynthesized Carbon Dioxide"
by EDR-bookOfLife November 20, 2021
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