101 definitions by chuck

To make out with, or have sexual relations with someone you are not in a relationship with
Me and that really hot chick from the bar scammed last night..it was pretty great
by chuck February 23, 2003
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Something that pretains to have much sexyness and tasticness.
1.Chuck you are looking sextastic today.
by chuck June 21, 2003
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Hippy, tree hugger or one who smokes grass. Also see Zach, pimp, or the guy with your girl.
Carlitos is such a treaz, I am so jealous of him.
by chuck March 29, 2005
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A Male prostitute in the caribbean islands that will show you a good time on vacations if you pay for his drinks and spend money on him
The beach in the dominican Republic was loaded with annoying sankis
by chuck October 25, 2003
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A self-contained environment, usually with only plants inside, that was originally called a Wardian Case. They can be made out of fish tanks with flouroscent hoods, clear empty wine bottles or demijohns, or something as simple as a fish bowl. If there are frogs or herps and/or an exposed pool of water inside, it is considered to be a vivarium, but you can still call it a terrarium.
I love to just stare at my terrarium.
by chuck December 07, 2003
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When receiveing a blowjob bust in her mouth. Then while she is swalling hit in the back of the head hard. If timed right Semen should shoot out of her nose.
by chuck March 25, 2003
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