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from the root "that's right" or more fully, "that's right, you are my possession"

meaning: hello, goodbye, fuck you, what the fuck, what the hell, see ya, i'm out, no way, that asshole, get out, that's right, you know it
person1: ehtha
person2: ehtha
person1: ehtha
person3: ehtha
persons 1&2: ehtha
person3: ehtha
by chuck April 13, 2004
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Fox-Like creature.

note: Often causes dizzy spells and fainting when attempting to spell this word.
Stop the clock, that's alopecoid!
by chuck June 18, 2004
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I just got me a new TV set down at circumcity
by chuck February 19, 2004
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An insane, child touching man with who wanders around aimlessly with a woodchipper.
Hey, there's Cofskis again, standing in front of that elementary school.
by chuck May 15, 2004
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Crapadoodle is when your being fucked up the ass and take a shit while the cock is up ur ass
MARY!why the fuck did u just crapadoodle?Coudln't you have took a dookie befor we did it?
by chuck March 4, 2005
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testiculs on a dog,
that basterds like
bob barker
tell you to cut off

and they are cute
i would never cut off my doggie nuts
by chuck March 15, 2005
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A Mountain Bike equiped with suspension elements for both the front and rear wheels. Also a very erousing porno film
Make look at the dude with the Double Boinger. My Rig has no extras, it's a hardtail
by chuck July 3, 2003
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