Person 1: I dunno man, I've just been depressed lately.
Person 2: You should get a dog!
Person 1: Wow! Great idea!
by Gamer Eevee March 28, 2018
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An impolite phrase thrown at someone who stumbles and trips
all over people at a bar or social gathering.
An implication that someone is blind because of their inability
to walk in a straight forward manner.
Something you tell to a person that has trouble keeping or
getting friends.
Advice given to an ugly girl who wants to catch a man.
Dude at bar: "If Tyrone doesn't quit tripping over me I'm going to kick his ass."
Waitress: "Tyrone drinks till he's blind, he needs to get a dog."
by jsd9632 January 7, 2012
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get the dogs is a term used when chasing the 3 meter flatty, you usually use this phrase when casting a whole chook at a bust up.
fuck there's a bust up GET THE DOGS !!!!
by get the dogs August 26, 2019
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A term used by the Willem powerfish, meaning to get that 3 meter flatty. and maybe even Burleigh up with some whole chooks.
“Get the dog bro
by lanzdog January 21, 2021
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Created by Willem Powerfish this phrased is used when casting whole chooks. Its also used at the brothel, the male brothel mate.
just burleighing it up for ya mate. get the dogs! What do you mean you've already been fishing here, ive been fishing here for 50 years.
by lil kimerg3gerg June 27, 2021
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You're screwing a girl in the ass. You try to get your nuts up in there as well. It's about as tough as trying to get the dog into the bathtub.
If you have a tuna can, it really is impossible to get the dog into the bathtub.
by oas August 27, 2006
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Can be used interchangeably depending on the context
Contexts could include getting really drunk or doing a task to the best of your abilities
Adam: Hey Felix, you ready to “Get the dog on the dog”?

Felix: Yeah let’s get blinded
by Buggsy Malone December 5, 2021
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