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Person 1: I dunno man, I've just been depressed lately.
Person 2: You should get a dog!
Person 1: Wow! Great idea!
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by Gamer Eevee May 17, 2018
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Man's greatest invention, brain bleach removes bad memories and general DO NOT WANT moments. Every household should have a few gallons.
1: Dude, I just walked in on my parents.
2: Have some Brain Bleach!
by Andikun November 06, 2007
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An impolite phrase thrown at someone who stumbles and trips
all over people at a bar or social gathering.
An implication that someone is blind because of their inability
to walk in a straight forward manner.
Something you tell to a person that has trouble keeping or
getting friends.
Advice given to an ugly girl who wants to catch a man.
Dude at bar: "If Tyrone doesn't quit tripping over me I'm going to kick his ass."
Waitress: "Tyrone drinks till he's blind, he needs to get a dog."
by jsd96321 January 06, 2012
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