A person who is not worth anything to you. The only thing he/she is good for is to wipe your arse on
by Anonymous June 28, 2003
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An Australia term meaning a thoroughly worthless person, a real bastard.
1. You know that Ted bloke?...what an arsewipe.
by Dee Cee 66 March 28, 2009
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The correct way of spelling what Americans spell 'asswipe'.

Toilet paper.

An anoying person.

A way of describing being let down
"You stupid yank, its spelt arsewipe not asswipe."

"Gimme that newspaper mate, I need an asswipe."

"I think he's an arsewipe."

"Awwww no! That is such an arse wipe."
by DirtyHead February 15, 2004
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"One who is stupid, dangerous, ignorant, or generally annoying, lazy, insensitive, callous, uncaring or just has bad breath. A person who causes friction or anger and stress among friends or strangers"


One who wipes arses;


The actual tissue paper used to wipe said arse;
"That guy, he's some stunned...(as in not very bright) He's a stunned arse." - about someone who is not very bright.

"Stunned as me Arse" - someone really, really stupid

"Ya F***ing Arsewipe"...- said firmly and aggressively by a cyclist to a uncaring driver who has just cut him or her off.

"Don't be an arsewipe..." - said to your friend who won't share food, beer or smokes.

"Do it yourself, ya lazy arsewipe" - said to someone who has to to something and asks someone else to do it for them instead.
by master_bog January 25, 2008
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have you got any arsewipes ?

you're such an arsewipe !
by arsewipe May 21, 2002
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A term of abuse appropriate for calling a sibling in times of uncontrollable OR simply moderate rage.

See also wankstain and cwmgors.
"I can't believe you just squashed my hamster with the Beano 1995 Annual, you arsewipe!"
by britishandworried February 3, 2005
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An arsewiper is a gay man, who is the giver rather the receiver in a gay relationship. It is the act of masturbating, and at the point of cumming he will ejaculate along the length of his partners arse crack. He will then run his penis up and down the crack. This is often done by young gay men who are working up to full anal. Occasionally they may take turns.
I met a new partner last week who wanted me to roger him on our first date. He was very nervous so I settled for being an arsewiper that night.
by pipesucker February 28, 2018
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