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protest warrior
prowar protestor
antiwar protestor
bill clinton

Appeasement is a stupid liberal idea that war can be prevented by giving the enemy what it wants to start with. basically, save them the trouble by pussying around.
"An appeaser is one who feeds a lion, hoping it will eat him last"

--Winston Churchill
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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A desperate attempt to settle a dispute by pleasing someone.
The man was sent into appeasement as his bitch granted his sexual desires.
by Batman's Cousin April 6, 2007
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A person, often a peacenik, who believes that if you give the enemy what they want, they won't do anything more.

See also: France, Howard Dean, Bill Clinton, liberal
The actions of an appeaser let Hitler take over Europe.
by Dark Chaos July 29, 2004
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-Blacks and Latinos voting Republican
- Latinos supporting Trump
- Neo nazis in Bogotá
Hector: you Leftist fuck, I voted Trump
John: you appeaser piece of insignificant shit.
by chokooooo888 February 28, 2019
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1) a band aid applied to a very minor flesh wound for the sole purpose of stopping the victim from crying.

2) a band aid applied to a minor flesh wound to make the victim feel a false sense of concern about their wound.

3) a band aid applied to a minor flesh wound to accelerate the victim's process of "getting over it".
Tommy fell down in the grass and started crying uncontrollably. I applied an appeasement strip to his leg.

Tina tripped over her bookbag, and began crying. I applied an appeasement strip to make her stop.
by hairygerman August 17, 2009
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When a company, in the midst of a scandal, public backlash, massive recall, etc., tries to cover mistakes by paying actors to pose as normal people and lie in a desperate effort to approve their image.
Tom: Dude, I'm not eating at Taco Bell anymore. Their meat's nasty.
Eric: But I just saw a commercial where their meat's 100% natural.
Tom: That's appeasement advertising. Don't buy into it!
by KoopaKid17 March 6, 2011
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The culture of black appeasement, also once known as "negrophilia" can date back to almost a century, and is identifiable by its sheer affinity and preference towards anyone or anything of African descent. Over the years, it has made individuals and institutions appear more popular by street-level standards by being "cool with the black dudes" and pretending to be in tune with their way of thinking. This was prominent in 1960's America where pop groups of the time paid great homage to blues artists like B.B King & Muddy Waters, emulating their style and lingo which later influenced the entire black-appeasing hippie presence - evolving through decades of Afro-tainted pop culture. Even now, into the 2020's, the word on the street is still fundamentally 'black' where youth of all races have unwittingly borrowed style, music, speech, expressions and even mannerisms - originating from African origin. Modern media and advertising heavily reflects this in films, television and all pop culture where mixed-race dating is always an emphasis. To even challenge this may land the 'challenger' in politically correct condemnation even in the name of free speech. The 'word on the street' is BLACK and has been for decades. It remains that way, not for the achievements of civil rights, but for the sake of an unchallenged street credibility.
We must stop this black appeasement culture of BLM and its followers.
by daretobeunpopular October 18, 2020
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